Rabu, 24 Januari 2018

Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo is a beautiful and lousy tattoo of all styles of our times. Pigments, artistic skills, material maintained to date; add to the size and location of the watercolor tattoo. But skin is everything; so my last advice is to do a symbol, no matter what style, but I like, anti-principle and size should follow.

You can do your part to protect them if you have them because by this time you have healed well in your watercolor tattoo, protected from the sun, be careful.

Many critics say that it is not worth to make a watercolor tattoo because it quickly disappears and loses its impressive appearance. Each symbol will fade with time. The reason is simple: ink spread slowly under the skin and hides the contours and colors of tattoos.

Since watercolor tattoos do not have an outline and only soft shades are used, it needs to be feared that this process vanishes faster. Tattoos may lose a beautiful and catchy look and look like stained ink stains on the skin. Is this fear justified, my friend, do not you know that? This style of tattoo is entirely new, and tattoos can last 5, 10 and 15 years or even longer.

Will the watercolor tattoo be good for ten years or more? My answer is yes. It depends on many factors. Note that this symbol is no different from other tattoos. Memorization is done in style and uses subtle colors in various places and compositions.

However, many factors play a role here. The value and character of the skin is an essential factor. Their frequency is in the sun and how much they care for their skin. Smooth color and rhythm are crucial factors. After all, the quality of the tattoo is the most critical element. All of this plays more in longevity tattoos.

Tattoos do not disappear like magic. When this happens, it is usually due to cheap materials or tattoos from inexperienced tattoo artists.

Watercolor tattoos on the upper legs, for example, will fade. This is very important in summer because harmful UV rays reduce the color. It is recommended to select only patterns with precise contours and thicker colors.

If you decide to tattoo watercolor, my advice is here:

Make sure you get a watercolor with a tattoo artist. Check your wallet and what you do (remember whether that person can be a new customer or not) Excessive darkness of your open design, including a beautiful blend of colors with water, enough space to be there. You must be free of your size or location.

Here's your tattoo, how do you stay calm?

Another critical factor in preserving this watercolor tattoo is to protect it from the sun. Sunlight reduces the pigment in the skin and disappears faster than others. Cover a tattoo with your clothes when exposed to sunlight to find beauty and color.